Benefits of Wind turbines

Wind energy is a clean energy the use of which has a positive impact on the environment. The harnessing of wind energy decreases the use of fossil fuels, nuclear energy and other polluting energy sources decreasing CO2 emission. Task are partnered with Wind Energy Solutions (WES).

The WES wind turbine has proven itself a durable, reliable high-performance solution. The first turbines have been operational since 1983, are still going strong and continue to generate energy for their owners. WES have installed over 1000 turbines around the world in agricultural locations and universities, on islands, in small communities and at coastal and mountainous sites. 40% of all the wind energy in Europe blows over the UK.

Using the Governments Feed-in tariff, Task are able to produce a unique solution to Government bodies, local authorities i.e. police, fire station, schools, further education facilities or the military. We are advisers to the North West Reserve Forces and Cadet Association.

Effectiveness of Turbines include:-
-High performance
-Easy installation
-High reliability
-Life expectancy of 20 years or more Ideal for hard to reach, remote locations On & off grid solutions
-Remote monitoring
-Use off-the-shelf key components