Given today’s concerns about increasing energy costs, global warming and climate change, a growing number of companies asked us to research and develop the use of renewable energy to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint.

We have invested significantly in researching and developing the best solutions, partners and consultants for our clients.

We offer a strategic partnership with our clients to reduce energy costs, capital expenditure budgets and carbon footprint by:

-Targeting high energy usage sites

-Applying a zero or low carbon view to replacing old or inefficient equipment

-Work with the client to budget a structured energy reduction plan that works

-Standardise lighting, electric heating, warm air heaters to reduce installation costs and future service costs

Working with manufacturers we have secured extended parts and labour warranties on our renewable technology meaning no call out charges, repairs, replacement of faulty equipment after the standard 12 month warranty.

We believe partnering with our clients in energy reduction strategies is the right way forward for Task and our clients to flourish in a testing economic time.

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