Case Study 4

PV Solar Roof Top Installation

Task Contract Solutions Ltd have installed solar roof mounted solar panels on numerous MOD sites on behalf of our client the NWRFCA.

Solar energy through the photovoltaic effect, can build and transform the energy we receive from the sun into electrical energy, which can be feeded directly, stored in batteries or adapted to be incorporated into the electricity grid.

The development and enforcement of regulations applicable to photovoltaic systems, which regulate the technical and economic aspects of the connection to the grid, providing stability and development of reliable and durable installations. The useful life of the facilities is over 25 years. Task Contract Solutions Ltd has a business sector with extensive experience in this field.

Installations can be easily integrated into existing buildings. In the new building, the building design to optimize performance while minimizing their visual impact.

PV on public buildings or other coverings (parking, pergolas, etc.) can monetize unused areas, assuming an important economic boost and an improvement in the quality of life in rural areas.

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