Case Study 3

Refurbishment and conversion work.

A Plant Hire Company Ltd is one of the largest UK plant hire providers with 145 depots and is a FT 100 quoted company. Task is the prime contractor for building and refurbishment projects since 2010. During this time we have undertaken over a million pounds of contract works.

Description of Products Provided: Task Contract Solutions Ltd has undertaken 15 depots refurbishments nation wide including 5 example schemes of conversion works. These included the following sample schemes: –

Sharston South Manchester: conversion of redundant 1930s manufacturing facility comprising 22,000 sq ft of warehousing space to modern thermally efficient offices, stores and training rooms including all M&E works. These M&E works involved LED lighting with advanced controls, air conditioning, energy efficient heating systems / plant room.

Sheffield Depot: Refurbishment of empty industrial unit of 5000 sq ft and conversion works for reception and open plan offices for sales and display area. The project included all M&E works included an industrial goods lift as well as sustainable energy and heating system.

Smethwick: Refurbishment of occupied commercial space of 8,000 sq ft offices as well as the M&E works for an addition 3000 sq ft temporary extension.

Rugby: dilapidation work and reinstatement works of offices and stores for 12,000 sq ft of construction and M&E works.

Watford: refurbishment of 2000 sq ft occupied offices and stores including out of hours working.