Given today’s concerns about ever rising energy costs and climate change a growing number of existing and prospective clients have approached us to research and develop renewable energy solutions. They are very keen to reduce their expose to rapidly increasing energy bills, benefit from renewable energy subsidies and reduce their carbon emissions to meet stringent future environmental management obligations.

In these circumstances, we have assembled a highly experienced team of technical experts and partners in solar PV and other renewable energy systems. This expertise includes supply agreements with world-class manufacturers in the EU of solar panels and hosting equipment for stand-alone and roof mounted systems.

Task Contract Solutions offers a strategic partnering relationship with our clients to reduce their energy costs and produce other saving outcomes by:-

  • Targeting high energy using facilities with innovative power and LED lighting solutions;
  • Replacing old and inefficient equipment with zero or low carbon systems;
  • Working jointly with clients to produce a comprehensive Energy Reduction Plan;
  • Standardising lighting, gas boiler, electrical and warm air heaters to reduce future servicing costs.

Our Engineers endeavour to develop with the client a highly effective energy reduction strategy that systematically evaluates and audits power consumption used by the client and makes recommendations about the most cost effective power, lighting and renewable energy solution will produce the required saving outcomes over a designated timescale. As a consequence of our close working relationship with major manufacturers in the renewable energy sector we are able to offer extended system warranties that further reduce the client’s exposure to future repair, maintenance and servicing costs.