Task Contract Solutions can supply “energy management systems” that complement our electrical, heating and renewable energy expertise provided to existing and new clients.

The Company is increasingly supporting and offering energy management guidance to clients as part of our comprehensive approach to:-

  • achieving sustainable cost saving and limiting exposure to energy price rises;
  • reducing in carbon emission and achieving Environmental Management credentials;
  • installing renewable energy solutions, such as PV solar systems.

For these reasons, we have a strong relationship with system designers and manufacturers of energy saving solutions, including Voltage Optimisation Systems to reduce energy consumption for a client.

Also, we will suggest the latest energy management technology best suited to reduce the energy consumption of a building, save on electrical costs while making a noticeable impact on the environment. We recommend the use of energy management systems as an essential component within any energy reduction strategy to control power usage and limit escalating energy costs.

The application of the latest energy management technology within an all-embracing strategy may produce potential cost savings of up to 75% in energy consumption and cost savings.

This is especially the case, if an extensive programme of energy reduction and generation technologies are applied to your estate management arrangements. Information concerning our expertise and a specific case study is found in the Recent Works section of our Home Page.