Concrete Works
We have been working with Tarmac / La Farge for over ten years and we have expertise and experience of laying the top roc es system
A recent study by ENVIROS shows that the carbon footprint of concrete reinforced with macro synthetic fibres is 67% lower than that of steel reinforced concrete.
Improve site safety
Toproc ES lessens the health and safety hazards associated with placing steel mesh and navigating reinforcement bars and fabric around site. It also reduces the risk of injury from off-cuts and sharp edges.
Works anywhere
Toproc ES is suitable for a wide range of
applications, from industrial, commercial, residential and retail projects to sea defence systems.
Crack resistance
The fibres within Toproc ES reinforce the full depth of the slab, reducing the risk of both drying and plastic shrinkage cracking.
But Toproc ES is not just strong, it excels in
all round economy and performance. Thinner sections can be used to achieve similar loadings to thicker conventional concrete meaning lower cost implications. Shorter drying times also allow it to be fit for use earlier. For the purposes of aesthetics, safety or demarcation Toproc ES can even be coloured, making it versatile and reliable.
Toproc ES is reinforced with macro synthetic fibres which deliver reinforcement across a three dimensional plane improving:
• Resistance to explosive spalling
• Impact and abrasion resistance
• The risk of plastic shrinkage
• Corrosion resistance
These benefits make it ideal for applications that require longer-life performance, reduced joints and fast installation.
With a carbon footprint up to 67% lower than conventional steel reinforced concrete, Toproc ES offers an innovative, low carbon, sustainable alternative to traditional concrete designs.